About Us

Daneysha Lee Beauty is a beauty brand created by a Puerto Rican woman with a passion for everything art. Since I was 14 years old I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

My goal is to help millennial moms like myself take some self care time guilt free, reclaim their womanhood and feel like their old self again. As a mom this is one of the hardest things to do because we all know no matter what we do we get criticized.

But that's why I'm here, to help and guide you. In order for us mamas to take good care of our family we need to take care of ourselves. So mama go enjoy a pedicure or manicure, getting your hair done, or if you are like me go sit down in front of your vanity and enjoy doing your makeup.

As an art enthusiast I enjoy sitting down and doing my makeup, for me my face is my canvas, and even if it is a simple makeup look, I get to relax for a while, I get to enhance my beauty and get that boost of confidence when I need it and I get to express myself through this art.

My passion for beauty, art and the years of experience doing makeup on family, friends, and clients and testing out beauty products is what made Daneysha Lee Beauty come to life.

Fun fact the name Daneysha Lee is actually my daughters name! When I was thinking of creating this brand back in 2017 I only new 2 things about business. The name I wanted it to have and the products I wanted to bring that's it I know crazy lol. 

Getting into business without knowing anything about it was and is a challenge but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Being able to pursue your dream and your passion is the most rewarding thing anyone can do. 

xoxo, Ninoshka.